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Best and Top Models Of Pakistani

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Sunita Marshal was introduced into the modeling carrier by her aunt. Then after make her good name in the modeling world she stepped into the world of acting. Now she is doing her best in the fields by maintaining both of them at one time, in a nice way.

She expressed her point of views in one T.V show about model turns actress that one should be talented enough for doing good acting other than just beautiful looks. This might be the reason of her success, as she has both acting and modeling guts. She also expressed that in order to be a renowned and successful model, I never care for budget. If someone, especially from my friends offered me a good platform to work in the modeling field particularly, then I never refused.

This shy but emotional young lady easily wins the heart of people by her attractive personality and gorgeous smile. She is not party person at all and don’t like jokes but even then she makes party, a party when entered. She is a polite person and knows very well where to be patient. This patience in her carrier makes her a professional model.

In modeling she has worked with so many fashion stylists and learned a lot. Her performances on the ramps, fashion shoots and on the acting platforms as well proves her learning about her work & experience.
Pakistani Fashion industry is slowly reaching towards the international fashion industry. The credit goes to all those who are giving their best in raising the standards of the fashion industry. They are enhancing the quality of the work in fashion industry through their hard work. The list of these people includes designers, beauticians, photographers, models etc.

In the modeling ground no doubt Pakistani Fashion industry is full of talented fashion icons and they are polishing this fashion industry through their stunning guts. One of the reasons of the establishment of this fashion industry is that fashion industry promotes young guns. One of the new talents in Fashion industry is ‘Nisha Paul’.

Nisha Paul is a young and energetic model of Fashion industry with the charming looks. She has got fine face cuts and also has all the guts to walk on the ramps. Her fashion shoots have proved the fact the she can make beat the top class fashion industry models or at least can stand with them in the same way. Her way of caring the style actually enhances the grace of her personality as a good model.

There are many out there who are struggling to enter the limelight. Some succeed, while others have to wait till their stars turn lucky for them. Among those who are climbing up the ladder of success rapidly, Nausheen Shah, with her killing looks stands out.

Her career as a fashion model was no less of a surprise for her. She was accompanying a friend – a model friend infact to a fashion shoot, where she got noticed and was offered to bring a part of the fashion industry and there…that day, changed her life. She belongs to a Sayyid family, and thus, fashion, showbiz or entertainment is a big deal for them. When Nausheen revealed her interest in becoming a model, her family especially her mother retorted greatly. Her mother was more concerned with what the extended family would have to say to it. Her father and brothers had no issues with what Nausheen chose for herself. So, even that didn’t go so bad for a starter, which is quite contrary to many models out there.

Nausheen made her debut appearance in a drama titled Ek Safar Tanhai. Additional to that, the special feature about this play was that it was also film actress Meera's debut. After that, came along a stream of dramas, telefilms, soaps and plays, including Jo Baat Ghar Mein Hai and Pyar Kahani.

Nausheen has adopted acting as a full time career, yet she seeks to learn more in everything she adopts or plans to adopt in future.

Nausheen has been on and off seen on ramps, yet she has appeared more in commercials, which according to herself, is where she enjoys being more. Her most popular ad campaigns include Warid Telecom, GO CDMA, Habib Bank and First Women's Bank. With Nausheen busy with acquiring project after project, her education has sort of taken a back seat. Interestingly, she has only reached the intermediate level of education.

If Nausheen had not opted for acting and modelling then she would have opted for being a designer. Desiging is her second best interest.

Nausheen is still in the primary years of her career where choosing the best offer can take her to heights and a wrong step can destroy it all. Good luck to her.

Mehreen Syed won the ‘International Model of the Year Award’ in a competition held at Zafar Ali Road, Lahore.

She has been signed up in India by filmmaker Shashi Ranjan. She has agreed to work on a couple of projects with him. These include a movie and a video song,”

She will also represent Pakistan at a fashion show in Dubai.

She is the first Pakistani model to have appeared in on the title of Alamra (popular Middle East fashion magazine).


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